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Baranquilla Colombia Cra 52b # 94 147

+57 301 4769914

Welcome to Dream Pixel Studios

your gateway to extraordinary visual experiences. Headquartered in Miami and Colombia, our company brings over 15 years of expertise in animation and visual effects to the forefront. Committed to creative excellence and innovation, we invite you to explore a realm where vision transforms into reality, and possibilities are limitless.

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we take creativity to unparalleled heights

At DreamPixelStudios, we've played a pivotal role in remarkable projects such as the 2018 Central American Games, where our team served as the director of content and animation. Our significant contributions extend to the Vallenato Festival from 2013 to 2019, where we held a key position as the VFX director. Notably, we made a lasting impact during the Bicentennial celebrations of Barranquilla in 2013 by paying homage to the legendary Joe Arroyo. This involved the creation of the first hologram in Colombia, a groundbreaking production featuring state-of-the-art VFX and holograms, showcasing our commitment to pushing technological boundaries.

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to witness how we turn visions into reality through visual effects, 3D animation, video game development, conceptual art, and immersive content for events, including cutting-edge holographic experiences.

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