Exploring New Visual Frontiers with the music video Busta Rhymes & Young Thug, Unreal Engine

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes of the latest music video «OK» by Busta Rhymes and Young Thug, where technical innovation reaches new heights! As the Director of Visual Effects (VFX), I’m thrilled to share how we brought the artistic vision to life.

Metahuman Brilliance: Dive into visual perfection with Busta Rhymes’ Metahuman design, taking digital expression to unprecedented levels.

Unreal Engine Power: Everything was made possible thanks to the robust technology of Unreal Engine #unrealengine, breathing life into each frame with astonishing quality.

Creative Collaboration: From innovative collaboration with talented artists to the visionary direction of Gaudens Zulu from Zulu.XR, and VFX Director jose palacio, each step reflects the unique synergy that brought this project to greatness.

Cutting-Edge Visual Effects: Discover how we’ve raised the standard of visual effects with tools like Blender and ZBrush, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Get ready for a total immersion into the fusion of art and technology!

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